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TAIWAN PRODUCTS - YL Self-Gripping Drywall Anchor

YL Self-Gripping
Drywall Anchor

USA / US7713010B2
EU / 1908965
JP / 特願2007-206336

No pre-drilling necessary, a true One-Sep installation.
02.High strength, fiber-reinforced nylon, provides superior durability.
03.Utilizes our Spread-Stop Technology and grips firmly onto your drywall (Stronger Hold).
04.Hold weights up to 75 pounds.
05.Drywall thickness: 3/8” + 1/2” +5/8”

1.Size: #12x55mm
2.Material: SAE1022with CR3+Zinc Coating compatible with ROHS

Material: high strength fiber-reinforced nylon compatible with ROHS

Installation - Hand drill

01.Insert screw through the item to be hung.

02.Using a Hand drill press screw slightly into drywall. Make sure that your hand drill is set at a low gear and the clutch is at a moderate setting.
(Normally at 1/3 the total Torque settings)

03.Apply pressure: turn screw until a Pilot hole is made. (DO NOT push with excessive force: let the self-drilling tip do its job)

04.Continue drilling until the nylon sheath is flat against the wall.

05.From this point on you will feel the screw slowing down: this is due to the nylon sheath pulling back forming a nut. (DO NOT speed up the drill as over torqueing will damage the nylon sheath.)

06.Stop when the screws is flush against the wall and can turn no more.

YL Self-Gripping Drywall Anchor 

“Self-Gripping Anchor” is the most revolutionary Self- Drilling anchor of the professional fastener for plasterboard. We have already obtained  the patents in many countries.

The Self- Drilling anchor is applied easily and quickly. It could be drilled in and fixed at the same time within 10 seconds. The Self- Drilling anchor could be applied widely on  air conditioning machines, decorative paintings, pendants and the clapboards. Quickly to apply,reliable and durable, easy to take out, up to 24kgs of single load, could reduce the usage amount of screws. The Self- Drilling anchor is an excellent DIY helper.

Furthermore, the Self- Drilling anchor has the upgraded version which is 1 to go and easy to hang.
“Self-Gripping Anchor” is looking forward to your attention.





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